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VENPLA offer high class Wheel cover Hubcap with good material, exellent coated. The goods have a great popularity all over the world. We have wide variety of wheel cover. Installation is easy and a great variety of design will match with RV, sedan, minicar, customed car. Why don't you make wheels more fashionable?

¦BOONY have patent by VENPLA

Fitting instruction is Here

¦If you click picture, you can see their detail.

@@@@@@@@@@š Design BOONY arrival !!
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Original masterpiece from VENPLA
@@@@ Wheel Cover Hubcap@4pcs/set@‚P‚Q`‚P‚Tinch@
Fashionable style! It looks like wear
white ribbon.
Wheel Cover Hubcap 4pcs/set ‚P‚Q`‚P‚Tinch
Cutie and pretty,girlish modelI
Wheel Cover Hubcap 4pcs/set@‚P‚QE‚P‚RE‚P‚Sinch@
Sweet and Pop like a candyI
Wheel Cover Hubcap 4pcs/set@‚P‚QE‚P‚Rinch@
@@@@@@@@Wheel Cover Hubcap 4pcs/set@‚P‚Sinch
Black wheel cover with Blue color rim.
Wheel Cover Hubcap 4pcs/set@‚P‚SE‚P‚Tinch@
Little hold down the swell flatter than BOONYI
@@@@@@@@Wheel Cover Hubcap@4pcs/set@‚P‚Rinch
Choose your favor
ienclosed two color rings. Blue and Chromej@
@@@Wheel Cover Hubcap@4pcs/set@‚P‚Rinch
Smart, simple but luxury!
@@@@@@@@Wheel Cover Hubcap 4pcs/set@‚P‚RE‚P‚Sinch
Chrome and black, wild two-tone!!
Wheel Cover Hubcap 4pcs/set@‚P‚Sinch@
@@@@@@@@@Wheel Cover Hubcap 4pcs/set@‚P‚RE‚P‚Sinch
Wheel Cover Hubcap 4pcs/set ‚P‚QE‚P‚Rinch @
@@@@@@@@@Wheel Cover Hubcap 4pcs/set@‚P‚Rinch
Wheel Cover Hubcap 4pcs/set ‚P‚SE‚P‚Tinch @
Spinning rotating. Spinner wheel coverI
@ Wheel Cover Hubcap 4pcs/set ‚P‚SE‚P‚Tinch
Black wheel cover with Blue color rim.
Wheel Cover Hubcap 4pcs/set ‚P‚SE‚P‚Tinch

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VENPLA offer great variety wheel cover!!
You can choose suitable design
for your car!

Simple,Easy! Fitting instruction is here

@ ¦Wheel cover fit almost 85% market car's steel wheel
@@ Please check your steel wheel inch size

Special Price

except above original goods
The price is for 4pcs(1set)

œ‚P‚Qinch @‚WC‚W‚O‚O
œ‚P‚Rinch @‚WC‚W‚O‚O
œ‚P‚Sinch @‚XC‚W‚O‚O
œ‚P‚Tinch @‚XC‚W‚O‚O

¦Chrome add extra charge more‚PC‚O‚O‚O
¦The price is only for products. Not include transportation.

¦Wheel cover use for steel wheel.Cannot use for alloy wheel.

¦There are some wheel covers which have nut. The number of nut is different depend on the size(inch) of wheel cover.
Also this nut is only decoration for design. So it is not relation the number of nut to fix steel wheel.

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